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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ilona on a number of projects. She has an excellent combination of honesty, business acumen, and the ability to give very actionable feedback. Her input and advice has made me a more effective manager and has helped my team communicate and work together more efficiently.

Andrew Goldsmith, Vice President, Global Marketing Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

My initial coaching with Ilona began when she helped me successfully navigate the difficult transition from managing tasks to leading people. Her coaching focused on effective ways to communicate my values and contribution to leadership. Through the coaching process I realized I could no longer be apolitical. I learned to embrace the dynamics of the company, my partners, and my team. Today, I am far more aware of creating and nurturing relationships with others in the organization to solve long- and short-range challenges, and I am a lot more successful and respected as a result of this change.

Ilona is a true professional gifted with the art of understanding human behavior and the ability to solicit the hidden characteristics within to become a better leader, coworker, friend, and human being. I often refer to this experience as the best gift my supervisor could have given me. I hope that all leaders get an opportunity to experience a similar journey at least once in their career.

Ghazal Parsa, Director, Legal Support and Technology, Law Department Amtrak

Ilona always knows the right questions to ask, shifting the discussion between coaching and consulting to help me serve ASN and its leaders, staff, and 15,000 members much more effectively. As a result of Ilona’s insights, guidance, and mentorship since 2008, I’ve grown personally and professionally, while the society has exceeded every metric and expanded into new, exciting ventures.

Tod Ibrahim, Executive Director American Society of Nephrology

Having worked with Ilona over a number of years I can state with great confidence that Ilona simply makes organizations better. Whether it’s one-on-one with leadership or facilitating teams, Ilona creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that opens the door to growth and development at all levels. She has the unique ability to help organizations uncover the unspoken and build practical, lasting solutions.

Patrick Malone, Director Key Executive Leadership Programs at American University
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