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Over the past several years, Ilona has provided exceptional support as a coach, performance management consultant, and developer of training content. A great resource.

Mark S. Fanning, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration American Institutes for Research

Entering our 25th year in business, during which time we had witnessed tremendous growth, we turned to The Wynhurst Group for help in our effort to ensure that our senior management team was operating as effectively together as we could. The Wynhurst Group helped us to determine the best approach for gathering the essential feedback to inform us on how we were perceived as leaders within the company, both individually and as a team. They then set us on a course for working collectively to improve our areas of relative weakness while leveraging our many strengths. Throughout this process, The Wynhurst Group has been very insightful, realistic, and reassuring. With their help we have been able to face the occasionally sobering reality of perceptions while recognizing that we can in fact be successful in making some needed changes and be all the better for it.

Craig Hughes, Managing Director for Financial Services Consulting CC Pace, Inc.
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